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TTI Products DiSC and More

We now have DiSC Behavioral Style Survey Instruments available on-line, with automated reports available to be automatically delivered to you or to your client.

Who uses our Reports? Partial list of users (includes Coca-Cola, 3M, AT&T, etc.)
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Report for Customer Service Personnel -- Customer Service is a uniquely challenging ambition. And it is critical that we understand that we have both internal and external customers. Unless we meet the needs of both, our organization will suffer greatly. This report provides the right information to all of your people who work with either or both groups, helping them understand how their behavioral style can be understood and misunderstood by others and how they can better understand others' needs.
Download Report for Customer Service Personnel

EXECUTIVE -- The job of being an executive is different from other jobs because of the many hats that most executives wear. The MFS Executive report provides the right information for any executive to understand their management style and thereby assist them in adapting their behavior to the situation.
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EMPLOYEE-MANAGER -- Our most popular report, this program enables employees and managers to learn more about each other in 15 minutes than they could working together for an entire year. It is used successfully to get new employees off to a fast start, revitalize present employees, improve communication and morale, and build sound employee-manager relationships.
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Download Sample Report

Other Reports -- call (866) 230-3131for information

  • Sales.
  • Work Environment.
  • Team Building.
  • Communicating with style.
  • Successful Career Planning.
  • Relationship Insights.
  • Interviewing Insights.
  • Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values.

Contact us for more information by calling us at (866) 230-3131 or by filling out the form below. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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