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Strategic Planning

"If you are not sure where you are trying to go, you might be surprised where you end up" Author Unknown

Not only do organizations need to know where they are going, ALL LEVELS of the organization need to know:

  1. Where "there" is.
  2. What "there" looks like.
  3. How will we know if we are making progress toward "there?"
  4. Who, specifically, is supposed to do what and by when in order to achieve the next level?
  5. How does what I do fit in with the rest of the organization?

To be really effective, effective strategic planning and even annual goal setting needs to involve every level of the organization. Moreover, it needs to conclude with a specific road map that explains how success will be measured, what the mileposts along the road are, when the measurements will be taken, and very specifically, who is expected to do each task along the way and within what time-frame that task must be completed.

We have experience doing this with large governmental agencies, for profit corporations, utility cooperatives, non-profit organizations, and mid and small-sized businesses.

We are pragmatic and experienced at effectively moving the process along, rather than allowing it to become mired in minutia .


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