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Single Point Lessons

The newest pragmatic innovation in training from VitalSmarts. Now your leaders can lead.



What is a Single Point Lesson?

We’ve called these short, stand-alone training workshops Single Point Lessons because each lesson generally focuses on a single concept and/or skill that is vital to today’s organizations. Single Point Lessons are brief (forty-five to sixty minutes), and they boost vitality—in a major way and are designed to be delivered by a team leader. Single Point Lessons include a Leader’s Guide and full-color participant lesson booklets, and most include video examples. And the latest, DialogueSmarts, even has an expert (an author) delivering the content via video.

How did we create these lessons?

We’ve created these lessons by distilling some of the most important skills and concepts from the world-class training seminars we’ve developed for our major clients.

Why did we create these lessons?

So they take little time. — Whether there’s four or twenty people in the room, a team leader or supervisor can teach these forty-five to sixty-minute lessons during regularly scheduled staff meetings—or in any other comfortable setting. Professional trainers may train better, but leaders get better long-term behavioral changes.

So they’re easily taught. — Even though these lessons do require some preparation time beforehand (for example, to review the video clips, Leader’s Guide, and lesson booklets), they don’t require an experienced or certified trainer. In fact, they almost teach themselves as participants help each other learn and apply the concepts and skills.

So they have immediate benefits. — Each lesson develops a specific skill that can be put to use for the immediate and lasting benefit of the person, team, and organization.

So they don’t cost much. — These lessons combine high-leverage training with low cost.

What do participants take away with them after these lessons?

Most importantly, participants take away a shared learning experience—a new awareness and outlook they can use to help each other apply the skills and principles they’ve learned to real situations and challenges in the workplace. This common focus on applying what’s being learned helps give participants the foundation they need to immediately use—and continue to use—what they’ve learned.

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Look at a list of lessons available:

New! DialogueSmarts™ or Crucial Conversations™ : -- 7 modules

Path of Dialogue ™ -- 14 modules

Service Vitality™ -- 11 modules

Team Vitality™ -- 12 modules

Leadership Vitality™ -- 8 modules

Performance Coaching™ - 5 modules

What are customers saying?

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