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Organizational Development Services

Common Problems Faced By Organizations

  • High turnover with associated high indoctrination and initial training costs.
  • Organizational in-fighting.
  • Overlapping roles causing conflicts and confusion.
  • Unhealthy conflict resolution.
  • Supervisory Training program needed.
  • Ineffective or non-existent supervisory training program.
  • Training has not "taken" for some people.
  • Leadership development needed.
  • Some of your managers, including some of your most senior ones, still try to "manage" people instead of trying to "lead" people.
  • Early ID and development program needed.
  • You need a better way to identify and develop potential supervisors, managers and top leaders.
  • Unclear roadmaps.
  • People three or four levels below you need a better idea of where you are trying to go, how you are trying to get there, and what "there" looks like.
  • Too many low value tasks.
  • You need to significantly reduce or eliminate low value tasks.
  • Different problems observed.
  • The problem(s) you see are different from the problems you believe others might be seeing.

Some of Our OD Services Include:
  • Assessments: We help you and your people find out where you are, what you are doing, and what you want to be doing differently. It may include both an initial Organizational Assessment as well as some Individual Assessments. These assessments can be very sophisticated or quite simple, depending upon the organization and our initial discussion.
  • Some assessments will include 360 Degree feedback. The only way we can learn how well we are meeting the needs of those with whom we work is to set up a system that will ensure good, accurate and timely feedback. The feedback alone causes changes and the prioritized identification of training needs allows for a laser-like focus on the most significant problem areas. While we have been trained and are experienced in many, the 360 Degree feedback program we use most is 20/20 Insight.
  • Strategic direction -- Help you collaboratively and collectively ensure you are going in the right direction and establish ways to know you are staying on the right road.
  • Strategic Planning/Goal Setting-- Help you to plan effective as an organization, with significant and meaningful input from all, and with specific targets of who will do what…and by when…and how success will be measured…identified up front.
  • Executive Coaching -- even pro-bowl quarterbacks need a coach.
  • New Leader Assimilation --be productive, and let your team be productive, from the start, not six months to a year later.
  • 360 Feedback Concept, readiness, structure, developing effective questions, developing effective structure for dealing with feedback, one-on-one feedback, facilitated group feedback (peer to peer or feedback from subordinates), requirements for a developmental plan, using role models in-house, development of a complete needs analysis with roll-up data, etc. Click for more details.
  • Bench Strength Analysis.
  • Facilitating new team start-ups.
  • Role clarification.
  • Early Identification of High Performers and High Potentials.
  • Development of Effective Performance Standards.
  • Cross Functional Team Development -- Help you to reduce cross-functional disputes by building (temporary) cross-functional teams that can come into being to resolve issues and accomplish projects.
  • Performance Management Initiation, Training and Coaching -- Help you establish programs and processes to help you effectively manage performance and coach for success.
  • Feedback Program -- help you establish a way to ensure those who need your services are getting what they need, when and how they need it. This includes your subordinates!
  • Role Clarification -- help you reduce or eliminate overlapping roles and responsibilities and increase understanding of what others do and need from you.
  • Compensation Consistency -- Help you develop compensation programs that rewards behaviors you are trying to elicit. (including teamwork!)
  • Mediation Services -- Provide outside, neutral mediation services to help resolve inter and intra organizational and interpersonal disputes.
  • Bench Strength Analysis --Help you ensure you have the right people, including maximizing your diverse backgrounds, trained and in place to move up.
  • Skill Training -- Help your staff develop better critical decision-making, problem solving, and human interaction skills.
  • Leadership identification and development programs designed to meet your individual organizational needs and your bench strength requirements.
  • Facilitating executive and management retreats helping you make sure your top leaders have an opportunity to re-focus, grow and bond.
  • Self-directed, interdisciplinary team initiation and development. We can help with the identification of potential team members, the directions which need to go to the groups, the rules, roles, responsibilities and authority which the groups will have. We can then facilitate the initial meetings and also assist when the groups reach the storming stage.
  • Identifying effective and eliminating or modifying ineffective work flow and bottlenecks. Through focus groups, interviews, and observations, can help organizations track down and target bottlenecks for elimination. Can also help organizations develop effective strategies and techniques to overcome the bottlenecks and ineffective work-flows discovered.
  • Identifying and eliminating unnecessary work. The plate is full, then we add more work. Something drops off. Is it the lowest priority item? Not usually. We help organizations identify unnecessary and low priority work for elimination.
  • Conflict Resolution. We help people and organizations build bridges. Using a wide variety of techniques, including those from psychology, business and mediation, we facilitate positive change.Executive Coaching with your senior level (usually top three or four levels) executives and managers. Normally, they are far more receptive to an impartial, experienced outside coach than they could ever be, even with an equally qualified internal resource. Sometimes, it is the top level that needs to change in order for the organization to be more successful. An outside resource is almost always superior in that situation.
Why consider us or any outside professional OD firm?

An integrated approach, with oversight from a senior consultant who has done all of this many times.

Executive coaching for your senior staff from a staff who has the education, experience and skill to be effective in that role.

An approach that is based upon pragmatism, sound leadership and management principles, and sound psychological principles which maximize long-term effectiveness, not just a short-term gain.

The ability and willingness to work directly with you to help you maximize your success. We would like to partner with you for the long term, rather than be a "flavor of the day" and then gone tomorrow.

The perspective of a team of OD professionals developed from working with a wide range of organizations.

Is Training Needed?

We believe Basic Business Training is needed up front. Other training should wait on needs analysis.

There are some core competencies that all organizations need. These include supervisor training, customer service training, sales training, training for your support staff and team development training...especially for intact teams, Additionally, training and exposure to at least one of the behavioral styles theories and applications pay huge dividends.

Outside of of these basic business training programs, we recommend you look first at assessments before trying to train your way out of a problem that may well require a systemic organizational change to make a difference.

With assessments we can help you identify what success in the various areas looks like, and examine alternative ways to deal with the (a) problem(s); then, you can decide if training is appropriate. If training is needed, it (like any other alternative) needs to be focused on solving a specific problem and evaluated and modified as necessary.

Training Seminars and Workshops

Training Programs:

Seminars and Workshops


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