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Sales Training

At the foundation of some of the country's most successful global sales organizations is the classic Vital Learning sales program, Customer-Oriented Selling (COS). COS provides your sales professionals with powerful consultative, nonmanipulative skills and strategies for successfully navigating the sales cycle. Advanced sales training in Account Strategy and Sales Manager Training in Coaching for Results build upon those skills, while telephone prospecting and qualifying gives rationale to and skills for that process. The Sales Skill Builders Online training allows for individually focused training in specific areas.

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Sales Training Modules Include:

Customer-Oriented Selling

Customer-Oriented Selling (COS) teaches consultative process for developing understanding and agreement between the customer and your salespeople throughout the sales process. It's a logical, nonmanipulative approach that works. COS develops proven selling skills while teaching your salespeople to be responsive consultants--individuals sincerely interested in helping to achieve the business objectives of their customers, with your products and services. Course Length: 1, 2, or 3-days.

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Account Strategy

Account Strategy is a new, advanced training program to give your salespeople an edge in meeting the challenges of major account selling. Using a straightforward, practical process, they work quickly through complex selling issues. The result--salespeople leave the program able to develop major accounts more effectively--leveraging strengths, maximizing opportunities, facing competition, avoiding costly mistakes, and emphasizing long-term account relationships. Course Length: 2-day interactive workshop.

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Coaching for Results

No amount of training will be successful without management support and feedback. That's why we offer Coaching for Results for your sales managers. Your managers will learn to evaluate effective sales behaviors. They will learn and practice a coaching philosophy and process that will enable them to reinforce and to improve your sales representatives' skills. Course Length: 1-day interactive workshop.

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Telephone Prospecting and Qualifying

Telephone Prospecting and Qualifying (TPQ) teaches sales representatives why and how to prospect and qualify over the phone. This program explores why prospecting is important and helps each sales representative establish a profile of a qualified prospect. It teaches participants how to plan and conduct successful prospecting calls that will result in an agreement to further the sales process or to disqualify the prospect. Techniques for handling special obstacles that arise when using the phone, such as getting through a screener or dealing with answering machines, are also explored. Finally, the course fine tunes communication skills to enable sales representatives to project a positive image for your organization. Course Length: 1-day interactive workshop.

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Sales Skill Builders Online

Skills Builders is a flexible reinforcement tool that enables sales managers and salespeople to focus on a particular skill area in depth. This program has a flexible format that may be used in a number of ways: as a two-hour "mini-workshop", as a coaching tool for your sales managers, or as a self- study tool for individual salespeople who have been trained in Customer-Oriented Selling. Course Length: Internet/Intranet—1 hour each.

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