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New: See and listen to a powerful Impact movie...three minutes long. Do you want, but have not been getting, long-term, sustainable, measureable behavioral changes with your training programs? This short three-minute movie can change how you view, administer, measure training. It will also introduce you to one of the most powerful OD tools available to consulting firms and organizations which are serious about ensuring change takes place.

An integrated program -- A two-page executive overview: To understand how the previous program fits into a complete picture for organizations, the following short executive overview of a 92 page implementation guide may help. Read about how the latest in brain research has led to a marriage of a skill-acquisition oriented, behaviorally-based training program with online reinforcement, peer group pairings, mentors, combined with an automated feedback system. This unique marriage of technology, systems and procedures provides for ongoing feedback, reinforcement and coaching. It brings highly motivated learners to your classroom and produces (for the first time ever), real, sustainable and measureable behavioral changes.

As everyone in the OD/Training & Development arena knows, there are countless programs available for each issue. Finding the right one is really hard work.

Each of the product lines we offer has won national awards. Each has received rave reviews by its customers. And...without fail, the staff and support at each organization are customer oriented. They walk the talk. They listen. They respond.

Leadership Skills Training

Watch and Listen to an audio/video/self-directed PPT presentation about this Leadership series with powerful examples of the various components.

High turnover? High Absenteeism? Low customer service satisfaction? Low employee morale? Employees will comply but are not committed? Hate expensive train the trainer certifications, but want a nationally recognized program that is strong on skills and tools?

We have it. Winner of numerous national awards. More than two million people have been through the very interactive, behavioral-oriented training. No train the trainer certification required for experienced platform trainers. Twelve modules of classroom training. Comes with leader's guide, PowerPoint presentations, both the industrial and an office environments (you choose) depicted on the example, videos (in a VHS or DVD format) large (color and bound) workbook with each module...each with a large reference section and a unique in the industry "Trouble Shooting Guide", college credit already approved.

It even has online courses which were developed from the cognitive content of the classroom training. These are designed to be reinforcement training, to reduce time spent in the classroom for dispersed organizations (blended learning), and to allow for a "Ramp-up" for a new supervisor who must assume that new role with no background in supervision in-between classes. Qualified companies can arrange for a preview of any module, including both the leader's material and the participant workbook.

Go to the Leadership Skills Training Program here.

New...for senior leaders (executives and upper management)

The Diamond Leadership Workshop.

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the senior leader.

Focuses upon difference-making characteristics and skills gathered from the most successful senior leaders over two years of radio broadcasts about leadership. Provides specific exercises, discussions and tools to use to employ those skills.

Pre-course multi-level feedback, intensive two-day program (preferably off-site...and intact groups will give you your greatest value), followed by one-on-one executive coaching with a highly experienced executive coach to help you apply the skills, and a final multi-level feedback survey and report to determine how well you have incorporated the concepts into real action.

Get more information here.

Automated Feedback System --- Accomplish 360 Feedback and so much more.

Looking for the very best way to help your leaders grow professionally? Looking for the very best way to identify where your organizational needs are? This is it.

This is the best 360 feedback software...period. It is by far the best value. Training magazine product of the year. Extensive survey library included (140 categories, over 1200 behavioral based items). Modify those with a mouse click and typing. Start from scratch and develop your own. Allows for open-ended responses and displays them with the questions rather than at the end. Built-in (and modifiable) suggestions for improvements for lowest rated items. Stand-alone but integrated Individual Development Planning software. It takes people by the hand and helps them develop and maintain a developmental plan. The software even does employee morale, customer satisfaction, etc.)surveys. See here.

Download an E-brochure here.

Customer Service Training

All it did was win a coveted "Top Ten Products of the Year Award" by HRE Magazine in 2000. It's the only customer service program to have won a comparable award. Innovative and pragmatic, it really get results. Hospitals, governmental agencies non-profit agencies all think it is great because of its emphasis on service...to both the internal and external customers. Call centers and Customer Service Centers love it because it was developed with their help...it hits the nail on the head. Very behavioral oriented, this program uses PowerPoint Presentations, Full Color Overheads, a Model, Leader's material, Participant workbooks. It is a day and a half of training...or three half-days of training. Qualified companies can arrange for a preview of the entire program.

Sales Training (Customer Focused)

Customer focused sales training for your front-line sales people, your sales managers, and even your telemarketing people. Skill-based, behavioral oriented, and extremely practical, this training gets results.

Support Staff Training

This is the only Training Series by a major publisher that is oriented toward training your Support Staff. Professionalism in the office, Communicating with your Manager, Numbers Skills, Proofmatics, and much more. High quality training for the people who really do the work.

Team Building and Communications Training

We work with new teams, intact teams that are very productive and teams that are experiencing difficulty or need some special help. We find out where your team is, where you are wanting to go, what success looks like to you, and then help you with a framework for achieving your objectives. Learn more here.

Call us at 866-639-87481 about our Team Building and Communication programs.

Behavioral Style Reports

Are you using behavioral style training in your organization? AT&T, Coca-Cola, and many other companies are using them. See Who uses our reports, below. You really don't want to miss out on the powerful insights these surveys and reports provide to individual workers and their managers. We make it easy. Your people can fill out their responses on-line, and the completed report can be delivered directly to you or to them, whichever you set up.

Who uses our Reports?
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MFS Customer Service
Tremendous addition to a customer service training program
Download Report for Customer Service Personnel

From most senior executive to first line supervisors, this works as a stand-alone or as a superb compliment to a supervisory training program.
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Download Sample Report

Allows managers and employees to get to know how to meet each other's needs

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Download Sample Report

Find out more here.

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