We have been delivering this workshop for 12 years, and have delivered it to a wide variety of FORTUNE 500 and small to mid-sized companies, State and Local Governmental agencies, State Boards, Non-Profit Organizations, School Districts, Cooperatives, and even to churches.

Personal and Professional Development Workshop, is a one-day program for all leaders, managers and employees in a target group. All leadership must attend for the session to be effective.

This particular session deals with communication and work related behavioral styles, and offers pragmatic skills to use to improve and communication and interpersonal relations with clients and each other in the work place.

These sessions are best held "off campus" if at all possible÷or on the weekend. Casual dress (at least business casual) is highly recommended. Details of the room set up requirements are available.

Sessions are best when the group is between eight and twenty people. With more than twenty people, a second facilitator will be required.

A meeting with the senior person(s) prior to this session is critical. This meeting normally takes about five to fifteen minutes, depending upon the questions raised.

Specific Goals of the Seminar. Participants will:

  • Learn more about themselves and their co-workers.
  • Improve their work related communication techniques.
  • Learn more about how to meet the needs of their customers. (internal and external)
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of their own work-related behavioral styles.
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of work related behavioral styles of others.
  • Learn and practice specific techniques to use to be able to "listen to understand".
  • Improve Human Interaction Skills.


  • Some brief lectures (with computer and overhead projectors).
  • Some directed small group work.
  • Some fun mixed in to keep it interesting.
  • An opportunity to relate class-room activities to real world, business applications.


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