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MBTI Workshops

We have been conducting MBTI Workshops since being certified in 1990.

We have used them with big, medium and small commercial organizations (Exxon, ARCO, BP, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Providence Hospital) Professional organizations (Law Firms, Dry Cleaning Establishments, Real Estate Brokerages), Environmental Clean Up Organizations, State boards and Commissions, State Commissioners, Divisions and Departments, hospitals, large and small school districts, universities, city and municipal governments, utilities, etc.

We use pragmatic approaches to help people and teams understand not only their own types but also those of others on their team and with whom they must conduct business or interact at any level.

This full day workshop is quite similar to the Personal & Professional Development Workshop, except for the use of the MBTI types instead of observable behavioral styles. While strongly correlated, the results of both add new dimensions to one's understanding of oneself and of others.

This workshop can be incorporated into an executive retreat or can be designed as part of a two or three day customized workshop with broader goals.


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