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Your Opportunity

Instant Credibility & Profits from new Profit Center(s): As good as programs you develop are, you are going to have difficulty achieving national credibility. If you decide it is right for you, and then are selected as an affiliate, you would be able to market and train world-class material from a recognized and multi-award winning publisher, with multi-award winning products (HRE Magazine, Training Magazine) in Supervisory, Sales, Customer Service and Support Staff Training programs. Not only that, we have earned awards for the tight integration of the online programs with the classroom programs allowing for superb refresher and reinforcement and even ramp-up training. This is a superb opportunity marketing and training products from one of the most respected publishing companies in the country.

This would allow you to have instant credibility with organizations, increasing your chances to market complimentary programs and services.

We also offer an opportunity for you to earn a significant cash flow from up to six different sources.

Superb Support

We offer assistance, training and support to help you. We provide customized marketing material, professional PowerPoint presentations and Formal Proposals already accomplished and just awaiting your personalized information and that of your client. And perhaps at least as importantly, mentoring and assistance from a highly successful associate who can help you use technology to assist your marketing effort, will provide hands-on training and assistance through at least you first few clients, and will be there as a resource for you to help you be successful.

What We Require - This is a selective process
  1. Hunger.
    We are looking for those with a real, burning desire to achieve, a need to succeed. If you have that…really have that…we are very interested in visiting with you. If this is an avocation, or just something to do, but you are not prepared to work hard to be successful, you probably should not bother to go any further. Since we will be investing significant time & resources with those selected, this is one of the three critical factors.
  2. Successful Sales Experience.
    Being a highly qualified trainer is nice and we truly value that, but to be successful as an affiliate, you will need to be able to market the products. At least some of your sales…some months maybe most of your sales…may come from organizations that already have trainers who can train the products. That means you need to be able to plan and execute a marketing strategy, be able to handle rejection and still to do the asking, and have a track record that will convince us that you have that capability. By the way, some people can demonstrate sales success as a result of having sold ideas…or even themselves. The skills may be transferable.
  3. Commitment.
    Here we are talking about a commitment to the successful marketing and training of our products as an important aspect in the success of your business. We will help your business be successful. You need to be willing to commit to us as well. We are not necessarily asking for exclusivity. However, we will be quite unwilling to be just one of dozens of offerings you market.
If You Are Interested... let's talk

Please call toll-free at 866-230-3131 and let's jointly examine whether or not there appears to be a fit between needs and opportunity.

Or fill out the information below and we will contact you. Either way, we look forward to our discussion.

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Call (866) 639-8748 • International (325) 692-1936
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