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Professional Development Associates is a full-service management consulting and training firm, providing professional OD consulting and training services and OD and training products for business, government and the service sectors. In addition to the consulting and training services we provide, most of our workshops can be facilitated by qualified trainers within your organization. We look for, find, qualify, verify, test and recommend "Best Value" products for our clients. Watch a three-minute movie that could change how you view leadership development and maybe even training in general, how it is delivered, how success is measured and what long-term reults to expect.

For organizations, we employ a wide range of tools to provide senior leaders with the information they need to make good, informed decisions. We also provide organizations and other consulting firms an opportunity to employ those tools themselves. While we thoroughly enjoy consulting and look for long-term relationships with organizations, we try to maximize self-sufficiency with our client organizations.

We specialize in leadership development, multi-level feedback implementation and executive coaching; classroom, online and blended training for managers and supervisors; and classroom and online training programs for customer service,sales and support personnel training. We provide diagnostic services for organizations as well as for individuals and customize solution for both. Additionally, we provide training for church leaders.

We also have training and consulting opportunities available for qualified applicants, and can provide ways for individuals and consulting practices to add to their bottom line.






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