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Diamond Leadership Workshop

The best diamonds are formed under pressure and polished to a bright luster. So are the best leaders.

"Great leadership is like a quality diamond – authentic, valuable, has great clarity, and is forged over time under the right conditions.”

What is it? Advanced leadership training for senior executives and senior managers. Assumes participants have mastered the basic leadership skills, have high ethical standards and are interested in personal and professional growth .

 How is it different? Focus is upon the integration of new and very specific leadership skills to achieve the desired results.

Focus is on skill differentiators …what separates the best leaders from the rest? We got those answers from both the literature and personal interviews with senior and successful leaders

Key elements:

  • No guessing about the program working… You learn about your baseline leadership behaviors before you start and the progress you make after training and coaching. You know where you need to continue to work and you have the tools to help you. And, the whole time, you are learning about your leadership skills, not just your leadership knowledge.
  • Two day program…can be back to back or spaced.
  • Follow-on coaching and assistance in implementing the leadership skills is included to support skill transfer . Research has shown that this integrated approach increases application of learning to 88%, compared to 22% using training alone, when we are measuring changes in behavioral skills.

Three Phases in Silver package, Four Phases in the Gold package:

  • Phase I is an upfront multilevel feedback to establish your baseline of use of the differentiator skills
  • Phase II is a two day workshop that is highly interactive and focused on learning, practicing and implementing skills practiced by great leaders. Includes ten easy to use tools that assist with integration of the skills.
  • Phase III incorporates the follow-on coaching with experienced and very professional executive coaches and the second multilevel feedback(at six months) to allow you to see how you are incorporating the skills
  • Phase IV (Gold package only) includes six additional coaching sessions and a follow on survey at the end of one year.

 So, specifically, what knowledge and skills will you acquire?

  • Your baseline skills on the six leadership differentiators
  • The leadership differentiators that separate the best from the rest.
  • Skills and tools to create more clarity and purpose within the work team.
  • Skills and tools to create trust – the key to having committed followers.
  • Skills and tools to develop people through coaching.
  • Skills and tools to engage team members’ hearts and minds for peak performance.
  • Skills and tools to conduct ‘crucial confrontations’ that resolve difficult issues with key people while maintaining relationships.
  • Skills and tools to create a development plan for a journey towards peak performance and making a difference.
  • Your six-month level of skill acquisition and application
  • Your twelve-month level of skill acquisition and application (Gold package only)

 Two packages are available :

  • The Silver Package … incorporates an upfront assessment, two days of training, six follow-up coaching sessions over three months and a final survey.
  • The Gold Package…incorporates same as above, but has twelve coaching sessions, eleven coaching sessions over six months, plus a third survey and a final coaching session at the one year point.

We require a minimum of six participants in the workshop and a maximum of 21, and we must delilver the program.

We currently have a two-month backlog and are booking for September at present.


Mark Hinderliter has over 20 years experience as a leader and teacher of leadership skills. He is the creator of the Diamond Leadership Model © and Diamond Leadership Workshop. Mark has worked with hundreds of managers at all levels in the US , Canada and Asia . Mark has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business, and is a graduate of Leadership St Louis and the College of Executive Coaching . Mark is the host of Lessons in Leadership, a weekly radio show interviewing high-level leaders about current leadership topics.

 Sandy Hinderliter has over 10 years experience designing and delivering innovative training programs in profit and not-for-profit organizations. Sandy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Drake University , Des Moines , IA , and is completing a Masters Degree from Drake. She is a Certified Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute, San Raphael , CA . Sandy is a co-host of The Designed Life, a weekly radio show about living life on purpose.

Bud Cummings has over 30 years experience in organizational and individual assessments, leadership development, executive coaching, alignment of skills and organizational needs, leadership retreats, management and supervisory training, and implementation and execution of multi-level feedback systems. Bud has an undergraduate in Business, an M.S. in Counseling, plus 60 additional academic hours. He is also a graduate of the War College , has worked with the Center for Creative Leadership, the Lemmon Mediation Institute, and people and companies ranging from FORTUNE 50 to mid to small organizations. Bud is President and CEO of Professional Development Associates.

What Participants are saying:


“The only sustainable competitive advantage in business is leadership .

Everything else can be copied.”

-Dr. Gerald Bell

 ‘Great program. Concise, informative and action-oriented. It is a guaranteed formula for success.’

-Don Berry, Vice-President of MIS, Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation

‘ The Diamond Leadership Workshop was valuable and applicable to every day leadership duties. It gave me great ideas and helped me focus on areas that need improvement. I believe it should be part of every company’s training for middle and upper-level management.

-Dean Burden, Regional Sales Manager, Auto Club of Missouri

‘I’ve participated in a great number of leadership workshops in 30 years. The Diamond Leadership Workshop has one major differentiator. Participants returned to the real world with 10 very applicable tools that they can use daily or weekly. Combined with the follow-up coaching, it provides a great opportunity to become more effective leaders.’

-Steve Glickman, Consultant and semi-retired executive

‘This was a first class leadership class like no other. Well worth it. The learning will last a lifetime."

I have already implemented some of the tools with great success.’

-Steve Kelly, Senior Vice President, The Newberry Group

‘The workshop leaders are really in tune with the challenges of Leadership and have a genuine passion for Leadership Development. I fully recommend this course to anyone with a desire to improve their skills.’

-Jeff Trampleasure, District Manager – Eastern Missouri, SM&P Utility Resources, Inc.


The Diamond Advantage Summary:

  • You learn specific skills that differentiates great leadership from good leadership.
  • You receive information about your baseline skills
  • You receive 10 easy-to-use tools to help you implement the skills.
  • You receive follow-up professional coaching to help you apply the skills…to help you assure skill transfer.
  • You receive follow-up information about how well you are integrating the skills

Contact us here


  For More Information Call (866) 639-8748 International (325) 692-1936
Fax(866- 673-6409 Email: Click Here

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