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Investigate a superb opportunity marketing and training products from one of the most respected publishing companies in the country.

Who would benefit?
  1. Already a consultant.
    You do 360 feedbacks, executive coaching, organizational analysis, and/or organizational surveys. If you currently outsource training of any kind, or have taken the position that "I am a consultant…let others train," or if you are currently building each program from the ground up…we want to talk with you.

       There is no need for you to train people if you do not care to do so. However, even if you choose not to do any training, we want to visit with you about how much money you are leaving on the table (we are betting it is much more than you realize.) Build a solid revenue flow while better serving your clients.

  2. Already a trainer.
    You conduct different types of training, preparing most of the programs yourself. You enjoy focusing on your individual client and customizing the approach for them.

       We want to introduce you to world-class products that are multi-award winners that can give you instant credibility and the products can still be customized. Build your revenue flow in three distinct ways. Contact us.

  3. Just Starting Out. You are a professional, with a college degree. Perhaps you have been a teacher or therapist or some other professional who is looking to build your own business…one that you could even start on a part-time basis. You have the dream of being able to offer professional services while building your future…to be in business for yourself without being in business by yourself.

       We want to visit with you about how we can help you achieve your goals.We can provide training in world-class products, training in how to market them, training in how to use technology to your benefit…and so much more.
Affiliate Program - Some Details

This is a ground-floor opportunity for you to represent high quality, leading-edge product lines in a rock-solid company. You win by providing your clients a larger number of award-winning product solutions for Supervisors, Customer Service and Sales and Service Personnel, for the Sales force and for the Support Staff. You can provide them in flexible delivery formats, which include traditional classroom learning materials, CD-ROM, Internet and the Intranet options. The flexible solutions expand your capabilities to meet the challenges of a global marketplace, widely dispersed workforces that need more training, just-in-time, with fewer resources. Our programs allow you to extend your existing business and build it through marketing our products which may complement programs you already represent or which meet the needs you have uncovered with your surveys or needs analysis.

We Want You To Succeed

We are committed to supporting your efforts with customer service representatives dedicated to serving you, a talented marketing and sales team, and Internet professionals on staff to work with you in bringing the 21st Century performance development solutions to your clients. Moreover, when you work with us, you get a chance to work directly, one-on-one with the most productive salesperson in the organization. Learn from productive experience!

What's Your Next Step?

Just complete the form below and submit it. We will make sure you get the information you need. If you have a more immediate need, please call Professional Development Associates at 1.(866) 230-3131 or e-mail us at salesinfo@prodevelop.com

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