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20/20 Insight Gold...a 360 feedback system and so much more. It's really an automated feedback system.


Version 4.0 - System Components

20/20 Insight GOLD's V4.0 is an amazingly flexible automated feedback system. The combination of locally installed administration software, web-based assessments and resources for facilitators makes it the complete feedback solution for your organization!

Watch a three-minute overview of this system. Learn how you can use it to change the way you view, manage, implement and reinforce training, as well as how to ensure that real change has taken place. Moreover, learn a myriad of other ways this automated feedback system can be your best O.D. tool. Three-minute video.

Organizations have two options for using 20/20 Insight GOLD:

Outsource survey administration to us. Get more information here and we will perform the administration services for the user. Software purchase is not required, and confidential information is stored off-site. We also provide senior executive and management coaching and leadership development.

Please contact us at 866-639-8748 or E-mail us for information about survey administration.

Purchase the software and manage administration in-house. Installation is quick and easy (on a PC or network drive).

ALL of these items are included in the system package that you can purchase and install in-house:

(Click on the pictures below to get more details)


Administration Software (click for details and pictures)

Set up projects quickly and easily using this part of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and aggregate report data from as many projects as desired. The Survey Library contains more than 1,100 survey items in over 140 categories, and detailed developmental recommendations are included for all three leadership surveys. Use them “as is” or customize them to fit the requirements of your organization. You can also add your own surveys to the library.

WebResponse (click for details and pictures)

WebResponse is housed on a web server (hosted on the PSS server or installed on your internal server). Uploading and downloading project data to the web is a simple one-click "Synchronize" function. Participants complete their assessments, and you can also set different levels of permission for subjects to select their respondents - all on the web.

20/20 PowerUser (click for details and pictures)

This CD contains valuable resources for learning about 360-degree feedback and implementing all aspects of the survey process. It provides case studies, articles and facilitator resources for conducting workshops for participants.

With your purchase of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system package, you also receive:

With the purchase of 20/20 Insight GOLD, users also receive:

• FREE technical support for one year
• FREE software upgrades
• Registration for one person to attend the Administrator Course
• Complete online Help system

Download a few pages from a sample individual report

Want to look at an executive summary of a 92 page implementation guide for the best way to put your training on steroids? Download a three page executive overview of the Train-to-Ingrain processes (implementation booklet is 92 pages in length).

Questions? Please contact:

Bud Cummings
Principal and Senior Consultant
Professional Development Associates
Toll-Free, U.S. and Canada (866)-639-8748
International: 214-257-8740
Fax: 866-673-6409

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Contact us for more information by calling us at 866-639-8748, E-mailing us or by filling out the form below. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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