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360 Feedback System

360 Degree feedback is a process where people get to hear from multiple sources how those who benefit or suffer from their daily interactions with them really see them (or a team or an organization) and how they feel about those interactions. 360 Feedback provides an opportunity for personal and professional development, team development, organizational needs analysis, executive development, individual development, and the development of specific, targeted training programs designed to meet clearly identified needs.

This multi-level or 360 degree feedback is the only process that allows us the opportunity for self-regulation of our behavior and processes based upon regular feedback from multiple sources. Feedback may be provided by direct reports, peers, superiors, or customers (internal and external), regulatory agencies, and any number of other sources.

360 feedback is the only process that allows for a comprehensive identification of organizational-wide training and development needs from the actual people who give us service or get service from us.

Benefits of 360 include:

  1. People tend to be able to "own" their own data when it comes from a wide variety of resources instead of just their supervisor.
  2. Behaviors tend to improve significantly after feedback and before any training. We seem to want to be able to meet others' needs.
  3. People tend to be motivated to learn new skills which will help them improve their identified developmental needs.
  4. Organizations can identify specific training programs to meet specific needs.
  5. Organizations can monitor the effectiveness of training and development programs (with semi-annual or annual feedback administration) as they are implemented to address the highest priority needs.

Our "Best Value" 360 feedback program: 20/20 Insight Gold is an award winning 360 feedback software package. It is the most powerful, yet user friendly software of its kind in the world. It is the best value for your investment dollars. See why.

The most powerful, cost effective 360-degree feedback program we have found uses paper, personal computers, E-mails and LANs. It assures non-attribution, has well-researched observable behavior statements in its library, can be totally customized (free) has surveys for both leaders and team members, can be used for organizational as well as personal feedback, has built-in (customizable) developmental suggestions based upon lowest scores, and even has the "so now what?" answer...stand-alone, Individual Development Planning software that takes participants by the hand and walks them through the development of an annual plan.

If you're looking for an economical feedback tool that can provide timely information to people about their performance in order to improve it, and you want to do that with a program that's easy to use, powerful and flexible...20/20 Insight GOLD is the answer.

More than a million people have participated in feedback projects since 20/20 Insight GOLD's release in 1994. They've seen, first hand, the benefits of the quality information that's collected and delivered by our easy-to-use software.

Now you can, too! Collect virtually any type of feedback—ideas, opinions, ratings, facts or surveys—from any number of people about the performance of a product, service, individual, team or even your entire organization! Easily generate and distribute reports that deliver the feedback you're looking for.

20/20 Insight GOLD is the world’s first fully integrated family of feedback and individual development planning software, making it the complete feedback solution!

Administration Software.

Set up projects quickly and easily with this program, the heart of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and aggregate report data from as many projects as desired. The Survey Library contains more than 1,000 survey items in over 140 categories. Use them “as is” or customize them to fit the requirements of your organization. You can also add your own surveys to the library.

Use the Administration Software to:

  • Set up subjects, respondents, survey questions, and rating scales.
  • Make, distribute and collect respondent assessments.
  • Print individual reports and summary project reports.
  • Make copies of the IDP software for follow-up development.

The Administration Software is confidential.

Password for administration software: The Administration Software is protected by a password, ensuring that only authorized people have access to the program.

Password for each project: Each feedback project is protected by its own password, so only administrators who know the password can access a specific project.


Respondent Software

The Administration Software makes it easy to create respondent software for each person providing feedback in a project. A user-friendly, intuitive interface makes completing the assessment quick and easy. Gather feedback from respondents using any combination of these five media: local area network, web server, Internet/interoffice email, diskettes or paper.

The Respondent Software can be distributed via any of the following media:

  • Local area network.
  • Internet/interoffice email.
  • Diskettes.
  • Paper.
  • Web-based. (requires additional purchase of WebResponse)

And it's completely confidential!

Passwords. The respondent software will not open without entering a password.

Encryption. Passwords, ratings and comments on the respondent software are encoded so that they can't be read by anyone who opens a data file.

Anonymity of feedback. Respondent names aren't collected with ratings. Only average scores are reported- not individual ratings.



WebResponse is an optional module that lets you use the 20/20 Insight GOLD system to create web-based assessments and post them on your intranet or on the web.

Why you'll want to use this new technology:

  • Makes it easy to get feedback from customers and employees.
  • Saves time in distributing and collecting assessments.
  • Automatically includes the URL when you send email notifications to respondents.
  • Works with most browsers.



Individual Development Planning Software (IDP)

Feedback without follow-up does not lead to the desired change in behavior. The 20/20¨ Insight GOLD program includes the IDP program, at no additional charge, to address this crucial development piece of the process. You can give individual development planning software to everyone in your organization to analyze feedback, create a plan and track progress - at no extra charge!

The IDP is a stand-alone individual development planning program that helps feedback recipients do four things:

  • Review 20/20 Insight GOLD feedback data.
  • Analyze feedback for strengths and problem areas.
  • Set goals and create a development plan.
  • Monitor self-development progress.

The IDP software can be given to everyone in your organization, whether they've been assessed with 20/20 Insight GOLD or not. It's a valuable planning and development tool that's easily installed on each person's hard drive.


The 360 Smart Kit

The 360 Smart Kit CD gives you all the up-front information you'll need to implement 360 feedback projects in your organization. This CD-ROM contains valuable resources for asking the right questions up-front and implementing successful feedback projects.

  • Two dozen experts answer the 80 most commonly-asked questions about 360 feedback.
  • Lesson plans, scripts and PowerPoint¨ files for facilitating orientation, feedback and development planning sessions.
  • Reprints of published articles on 360 feedback.
  • A bibliography of over 100 books and articles about 360 feedback.
  • A survey sampler with hundreds of items from the 20/20 Insight GOLD Survey Library.

Use this invaluable resource to get smart about 360!

You can buy this amazing CD! It has all the tools you'll need to learn about a successful multi- source feedback program!
$49.95 (plus shipping)
Order by phone: (866) 230-3131

With your purchase, you also receive:

  • FREE technical support.
  • FREE software upgrades.
  • Registration for one person to attend our two-day Administrator Course.
  • Complete online Help system.

Why Use 20/20 Insight GOLD?


20/20 Insight GOLD offers unsurpassed flexibility.
Now you have one software package that can be used for 360 feedback, organization surveys, customer feedback and training evaluation.

Leader development - Executives, managers and supervisors can diagnose skill strengths and areas for development.

Individual skill development - Team members give each other feedback about personal leadership, team interaction and workplace skills.

Team development - Assess team issues by collecting input from a variety of customers and stakeholders.

Needs assessment - Study aggregate performance data to decide how much to invest for training and development programs.

Competency development - Get feedback about draft competency lists. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviors.

Level 3 evaluation of training - Administer customized surveys based on course objectives before and after training.

Organizational climate surveys - Collect information about the organization's vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.

Customer satisfaction surveys - Get feedback from customers to find out what you need to change to create loyal customers.


20/20 Insight GOLD is user-friendly.

20/20 Insight GOLD takes only a few minutes to install. The software is intuitive and easy to use, so the administrator can begin setting up projects almost immediately. These components make learning and using the software a simple process:

Administrator Course - Provides hands-on, practical instruction.

Tutorial CD - Reinforces how to use the software.

Wizards - Project set-up is easy and fast.

Online Help - Quick answers to questions about the software.

The 360 Smart Kit - Lesson plans, scripts and visuals.


20/20 Insight GOLD is easily customized to change with your growing needs.
With 20/20 Insight GOLD, you can tailor almost any aspect of a feedback project-at no extra charge! You can customize all these project elements:

Survey Areas - Customize standard survey categories and items, and add your own survey areas.

Measurement Scales - Create scales from 2 points to 12 points in length. Use up to four unique scales per project.

Types of Projects - Request any kind of multi-source input or feedback. Use scales, open-ended questions-or a combination of both.

Comments - Have respondents enter comments for every item. Also, include end-of-survey questions for additional comments.

Relationship types - Choose from standard perspectives such as peer, team member and manager, or create customized relationship types for break-out in reports.

Instructions - Customize on-screen instructions for respondent assessments and email messages.

Developmental recommendations - The survey categories for Team Leadership and Personal Leadership contain recommendations for development. You can edit the recommendations or add locally available resources.

Report formats - Select from dozens of report templates or create your own. Print report sections in any sequence you like.



20/20 Insight GOLD is a great value for the money.

With 20/20 Insight GOLD, you get software for both assessment and development. This unprecedented combination of software programs is the best value in the industry. All these benefits are included in the package price:

  • Free technical support on an 800 number.
  • Free upgrades.
  • Two-day Administrator Course (in Newport News, VA).
  • The 360 SmartKit CD.
  • 20/20 Insight GOLD Tutorial CD.
  • On-site self-customization.
  • Unlimited report printing.
  • Respondent comment reports.
  • Reports at the individual, project or aggregate (multi-project) level.
  • Individual development planning software for everyone in the organization.

Case Studies

How Hershey Foods Expanded Their Use of 360 Feedback.

Hershey Foods Corporation is a confectionery and grocery products company. With headquarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania, it has about 12,000 employees with plants throughout North America, including Canada and Mexico.

Executives at Hershey wanted a multi-source feedback system that was easy to customize for a variety of groups across the organization. They wanted key functional areas and plants to manage their own programs, so they needed software that was easy to install and use. They foresaw that, over time, multi-source feedback would be used many times by a lot of people. Therefore, the software had to be affordable. 20/20 Insight's organization license made this possible.

The goal at Hershey is to make multi-source feedback a permanent part of the corporate culture. The HR staff consulted with experts familiar with 20/20 Insight and the 360 process to ensure that their strategy was developed thoughtfully and that their first programs were successful. Their approach was to introduce multi-source feedback gradually, gaining acceptance along the way. Senior Hershey Foods executives were assessed first, enabling them to refine the core items, spark interest and establish credibility.

One of the first groups to be assessed included more than 120 sales managers. Internal leadership consultant Jim Czupil explained to subjects: "You have an opportunity to grow professionally with this information. How you handle the feedback and the methods you use to share it with your team and your manager will have a significant impact on the benefit you receive from the process. Take time to reflect on the feedback and look for trends that outline current strengths and opportunities to further develop your leadership style." He coached participants to share the feedback with their team and set development goals with their managers.

According to Czupil, 20/20 Insight has promoted a more profound awareness of leadership developmental needs. Analyzing aggregate 360 feedback data has helped define leadership competencies for present and future leaders, and it has helped the organization determine exactly the kind of leadership development programs needed by different divisions. Feedback from participants has been positive, and requests for additional programs continue to rise.*

*Information provided by Hershey Foods Corporation.

How Radio Shack Customized 20/20 Insight for Different Uses.

RadioShack, a division of Tandy Corporation, is a retailer of consumer electronics products. With headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, it has over 5,000 company owned and operated stores, with approximately 30,000 employees. RadioShack purchased the 20/20 Insight system in 1997 based on the product's ease of use, flexibility and technical support. They invested in the organization license because they projected widespread use of the program.

20/20 Insight was used in their leadership development program, and during the first year they collected feedback from over 2,700 participants. One group of subjects included 190 district sales managers. Convinced of the confidentiality of the feedback process, participants opened up with their comments and gave honest ratings. Most feedback recipients reported that the feedback was useful to their development.

RadioShack has also used 20/20 Insight for organizational surveys. One attitude survey, conducted in the advertising department, gathered input from more than 150 employees. A team of representatives from the department created the customized list of questions used in the survey. Managers reported that the information they received was extremely candid and useful. As a result, several changes in procedure have been implemented.

Managers at RadioShack say that the experience of the first year will stimulate even greater participation. They plan to use 20/20 Insight GOLD on their internal network, which will allow them to achieve a truly paperless feedback system.*

*Information provided by RadioShack.

How Feedback Helped One Manager Get Results.

J. D. was a newly promoted manager with a major utility company.* With his new position, he inherited a team of 13 supervisors. Most were long-term employees, and J. D. was much younger than most of his direct reports. Many of the supervisors thought they deserved the promotion, and resented J. D.'s appointment.

He soon discovered that the performance of his supervisors was below par. He spent a lot of time working on relationships with each of them, clarifying service standards and trying to build a cohesive team.

Despite his best efforts, he encountered resistance and performance did not improve. He knew that the supervisors were unhappy, but he couldn't get them to talk about their dissatisfaction. When he learned about 20/20 Insight, he decided to use it to ask for feedback about his leadership practices. He hoped that the information gained would provide a basis for dialogue and team building.

Working with a consultant, J. D. selected the behaviors critical to his leadership. The consultant then met with the team and explained how the feedback would be collected. She assured everyone that their responses would be anonymous.

After the feedback was collected, the consultant met with J. D. to help him to interpret the data and establish his priorities for action. She also coached him on how to respond to the feedback.

Over the next few weeks, J. D. met with his direct reports individually and as a group. He asked them to clarify certain aspects of the feedback. He also explained which priority areas he planned to work on first and why he did not plan to alter some behaviors.

He saw an immediate change in his team. Resistance decreased, productivity increased and a customer service orientation began to take hold. Over time, he was able to rebuild his team of supervisors. They pulled together to become the only team to meet or exceed all established performance goals for the next quarter. They continued to perform well, and within the year J. D. received a substantial promotion. He attributed much of his success to the feedback process and the open dialogue it produced. Based on this experience, his division obtained the 20/20 Insight system for general in-house use.

*This is a true account. The name of the manager has been changed to protect confidentiality.

Downloads, hands-on demonstrations and request for information.

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Download a sample report (PDF format)...Note, please start your review on page 9, go to the end, and then come back to the front.

Try out a demo of the respondent software online -- enter data and see results.

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